The first male urinal with
Pop-up technology

Het eerste mannenurinaal
met Pop-up technologie

Pop the urinal from flat to ready-to-use very easily!

Single Use
Medical Device
Made in Holland
In one movement urinal goes from a flat to a ready-to-use

POPPA® for men

1. Quick and easy

In one move from a flat to a ready-to-use urinal. Thanks to its unique pop-up technology, POPPA is flat for use. This saves up to 90% space and makes it easy to store products next to the patient's bed.

2. Hygienic & spill-free

The handle makes POPPA easy to pick up. After use, you can close POPPA for hygienic and spill-free transport.

3. Ergonomic and comfortable

The waisted shape ensures the urinals can be comfortably positioned between the legs.

4. Sustainable

POPPA complies with EN13432, is 100% biodegradable, is 100% compostable within 90 days and therefore fits within the European Green Deal. As a result, POPPA can be easily disposed of or macerated and is biodegradable. No plastic is used!

5. Instruction always at hand

POPPA has a QR code on the front that allows any user to immediately see a clear instruction video. There are written instructions for use on the back.

Can be used autonomously

With the help of instructional videos, we ensure that independent patients feel confident to use the urinal themselves. This way they can do their own thing completely.

View instructions
Push to Pop & Peel Down
Position POPPA Flat on Mattress

Value to the patient

Being able to urinate independently offers a sense of autonomy and gives patients a lot of control. This leads to a more dignified hospital stay.

POPPA® male urinal for all your patients?

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