The first Catheter Waste product
with Pop-up technology

Het eerste Catheter Waste product met Pop-up technologie 

The Catheter Waste with SolidSafe, to safely empty Catheter Bags of up to 2 litres.

Single Use
Medical Device
Made in Holland
From flat to ready-to-use in one move

POPPA® for catheter waste

1. Quick and easy

From flat to ready-to-use in one move. Thanks to its unique pop-up technology, POPPA is flat for use. This saves up to 90% space and makes it easy to store products next to the patient's bed.

2. Hygienic & spill-free

POPPA® for Catheter Waste, combined with SolidSafe, is made to empty Catheter Bags of up to 2 litres. The solidified contents can be quickly and safely disposed of or macerated afterwards.

3. Sustainable

POPPA complies with EN13432, is 100% biodegradable, is 100% compostable within 90 days and therefore fits within the European Green Deal. As a result, POPPA can be easily disposed of or macerated and is biodegradable. No plastic is used!

4. Instruction always at hand

POPPA has a QR code on the front that allows any user to immediately see a clear instruction video. There are written instructions for use on the back.

Easy to use

Using instructional videos, we ensure that nurses can use the product easily and quickly.

Watch instructions
Push to Pop & Peel Down

Waarde voor de patiënt

Zelfstandig kunnen plassen biedt een gevoel van autonomie en geeft patiënten een stuk regie terug. Dat leidt tot een waardiger verblijf in het ziekenhuis.

POPPA® Catheter Waste for all your patients?

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