Pop-up technology for Hygiene products.

In one movement from a flat to a ready-to-use product.

A breakthrough in toilet products.
Durable - easy - space-saving.

Developed in consultation with patients and nursing staff.

Fast and easy for the patient

Thanks to POPPA® pop-up technology, toilet products are flat before use. This saves you up to 90% space, and products can easily be stored next to the patient's bed.

Better infection prevention

Our products prevent spillage and airborne bacteria that cause infections. They also prevent the need for many patients to be catheterised. In this way we save lives.


POPPA® is made from renewable cardboard that is EN13432 certified and 100% compostable within 90 days.

We use POPPA® technology for all your sanitary supplies.

POPPA® technology is already being used for our catheter waste and male and female urinals.

POPPA® for your patients?

We do not innovate alone, but in collaboration with you, nursing staff and patients. Contact us and become one of our "launching partners".

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