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Hygiene products

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We believe in
radical innovation

In our LAB, we continuously develop new hygiene products - with patients and nursing staff - so that we can reduce healthcare associated infections together.

People are always at
the centre of what we do

By looking at things in a radically different way and involving users and other disciplines, we arrive at new solutions. As Einstein once said:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

De mens staat bij ons altijd centraal

Door dingen op een radicaal andere manier te bekijken en daar gebruikers en andere disciplines bij te betrekken komen we tot nieuwe oplossingen. Zoals Einstein ooit zei:

"Het is waanzin om keer op keer hetzelfde te doen en verschillende resultaten te verwachten."

Our Lab innovations

In our LAB, we continuously develop the latest sanitary innovations so that we can reduce healthcare infections.


Pop-up technology

In one movement it goes from flat to a ready-to-use.

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In één beweging van een plat naar een gebruiksklaar product.- - - -- - - -


The first working women urinal

Women have never had a urinal that is easy and comfortable to use. Hygienius® is, thanks to POPPA® technology, the first provider to solve this problem and design a well-functioning female urinal.

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POPPA® for your patients?

We do not innovate alone, but in collaboration with you, nursing staff and your patients. Contact us and become one of our "launching partners".

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